Tuesday, January 16, 2007

History in the making

Two days and counting…

I’m anxiously awaiting the soon-to-be snippet of television history during which Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and Fox’s Bill O’Reilly trade places on each other’s programs.

I might even interrupt my Collegian hours to experience this spectacle first-hand. From the dawn of my Collegian career, only last year’s Super Bowl and the 2004 presidential election have met the same standard of must-watch television.

Colbert, the host of the Colbert Report and an expert in sarcasm, has based his own character on the persona of O’Reilly, an authority in provocation and a leader in the cable ratings game.

I guess I just want to see if O’Reilly is as skilled at being funny as he is at making me angry.

My loyalty to Comedy Central’s fake news fetish began with Jon Stewart about three years ago when I was a naïve college student and budding journalist.

I find it slightly ironic that my favorite television program makes fun of my career choice.

But alas, I cannot deny the comedic genius of Stewart and Colbert.

Now I’m anxious to see if O’Reilly is capable of turning my winces into laughs.